Our Values

We act customer-oriented in order to contribute to our company and our customers with the principle of win-win in all our works and decisions we made. We provide the highest quality products and services to our customers with our competitive and customer-oriented strategies in all our business lines.

In order to achieve and maintain excellence in quality, we keep our goals high, work with an ever-developing corporate culture which is learning through improvement and change activities.

We also aim to contribute to our country's economy along with quality, success and sustainability in all our business lines.

We always regard our customers and suppliers as our business partners and attach great importance to establishing long-term relationships. In our business partnership, we take the principles of business ethics and justice into the centre of our relationship.

We always aim at an honest and moral competition in the framework of competition law and ethical rules. We avoid any unfair competition that could harm our sectors and competitors. We compete only when there are legal and ethical requirements.

We are aware of the responsibility of the projects we undertake. We take into consideration the detailed and well-calculated risks, taking the initiative and responsibility to ensure customer satisfaction.

Within the framework of mutual love and respect with our team; We create a constructive, sharing corporate culture based on trust and understanding and ensure its continuity. We confront the matters together and we all do our best to achieve our goals.